Differences, make up marks. Scars amongst the roses. 
Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. 
Lifes green, blue and red, and without a second thought (you’re never my second thought) 

I can’t be there with you (but I can dream) 


I wanted to sit down and write something really special. As the events of the past few weeks unfolded, I questioned a lot of what I was always very sure of. Not because of anything I did- but because of things that people had made up about me, about you…my precious gift.

Now I know these people…

i am so sad.
i feel as though i will never touch love, and that i have forgotten who i once was.
never amount to anything,
i will always be of dislike.
i am that brute, that mess, that ogre.
i deserve slow death in shallow waters.

i was sitting here,
dreaming. thinking. wondering.
im gone, and its okay.
that statistic that says “only 20% of people- see you the way you want tl be seen. the other 80% sees you completely differently”
i forget that sometimes.
and while i sit here, and pity myself.
i realize,
you were mean then, and youre still mean now.
you were self-absorbed then, and youre self-absorbed now.
i dont need anyone in my life,
who doesnt appreciate who i am.
and when i gaze into the light that is my son, i know.

i have so much more to live for than your petty ways.
my life is so much more complete than your partying, drinking and piss poor attitude.
i dont need you to make me feel shitty anymore.

i am without
and every passing moment
reality sets in
i could be here forever
lost in a sea of shattered lies
relationships that never even really existed in the first place
i want to weep,
but my soul wont let me

i miss a hardy hand
a strong caress,
a meaningful kiss
and dream of a future where love exists not only for me, but in me.

yesterday was a realization.
i am not here anymore, and nor am i accepted.
“forget you, you never mattered to me”
my tears are foreign to this feeling
and the burning in my chest reminds me to keep my head up
stick to my guns
and remember the future.
but even in the future, i am alone.

and at once i knew i was not magnificent…

i can see for myles, myles, myles

quotations from a shadow,

And i would like to able to continue
To let what is inside of me
Which is, which comes from all the music that i hear
I would like for that to come out
And it’s like, it’s not really me that’s coming
The music’s coming through me

The music’s coming through me

at least for today,

remember me? remember nothing. i am not here. onlythefateswillfindmenow.

i fill your uninterrupted void with minor conversation, 
and flow into your next week’s.
forget about what is wanted, and only think of time.
i am behind in all my chores.
i am behind in all my duties.

call council.
make meek suicidal tendencies seem as though they never really mattered in the first place (they never mattered in the first place)
im on a roll! 

"i pick the best men. haven’t you seen my newest catch?
he’s better than yours, and yours, and yours, and he makes the most money. he’s so supportive and he’s so kind. he would give you the shirt off his back. its so nice to be me.”

she looks at me with sorrow, i feel nothing in regards to her beliefs or ideals. (i am not alone)

but hey-shake shoulders, dust off your high heeled boots. i’m okay with being okay, at least for today.

My my, what do I know?
My my we reap what we sow.
- annie lennox

i should tell nothing, speak of nothings
why am i so boring?

maybe it is all in my head, maybe i am bruised and broken beyond
marred, but a lack thereof

insides turned inside (out)
destiny rules all means of control
what is destiny anyways?
where are all these guardian angels i have lost in the realities of this realm?

i speak in tongues      i cry in rivers
i bite down before ill ever show another one
ill bite down

there are many things

i want to say in time; i am forgotten

but you cannot call out to me when my ears are not forgiving
it is hard times (not mine, but yours and yours and yours)
in which you call out

my skin is still as smooth as silk

i am feeling the need to tell you
whisper, whisper in your ear

"i am alone out here"

i want to pay attention, but i am grief stricken
i want to tell you that i can only take collect calls from you at this time
i want to be on the receiving end of jubilation
and call absurdity to those who do not know my name

life has a funny way of showing you what you have done wrong in the past
it lurks behind corners, ready to divuldge your deepest secrets into
the unknown
it will expose you, and show you to the world (when it is ready)
and even though you think youre a
good person (you really don’t think youre a good person)
it will show you who you really are

2013 is among us.

I am ready for change.
Are you?

freedom comes seldom. i am alone. i have hands holding mine in winter weather. i am alive.

i break free of still waters. i keep my head in the clouds. i am depicting a dream made in shallow waters
surrounded by white doves and silver swallows. thrown upon a canvas, i am worn.

scars placed upon my belly- i am rewarded with this gift. i shall never be alone again. now that i am no longer naive, i am happy.